January 7, 2014

T.U.K x Tilted Sole

It's been a while! I've been so lazy after my last school quarter with the holidays & shit to shoot at all on my break but I honestly missed it a lot!
Side note: I didn't get any clothes for Christmas (shocked? Me too) because I was pleasantly surprised with a Disneyland pass!!!
Had so much fun in the fog at this shoot, as I always do with Tilted Sole!


Pictures taken by Ron Khy [instagram: @ronkhy] 
Shoes are creepers from the shoe brand, TUK, provided by www.tiltedsole.com they come in other cute styles & color choices!
Kitty tights were a bad ass Christmas gift from my ninja buddy Hannah
Sweater is from H&M
Jewelry: tattoo choker from www.shop.thecobrasnake.com
& my hat is from www.us.topshop.com

School starts next week but I have a few posts lined up in the near future! Thanks to anyone & everyone who follows/cares xo<3

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