September 18, 2013

In the midst of the madness

 Hello everyone! Long time no see? In the last post I did months ago I mentioned the hell I was about to endure going into my second year at FIDM Los Angeles & I think it's safe to say that it was an accurate depiction of what my life basically was for the past three months. While everyone was enjoying their lovely summer days off, I was being detained by white walls and air conditioning doing endless amounts of studying and class projects. I hardly survived but alas, I am finally on break!!!
Surprisingly, I did this shoot in the midst of all the madness with mine & my boyfriends good friend Austin Locke. He is the sweetest guy, a new photographer and an amazing one at that! He brought us to this secluded and gorgeous location right in our home city of Huntington Beach! If any of you blogger babes are interested in photographer and live in the OC/LA county area contact Austin Locke at
There isn't much to my outfit this day. It was during the gnarly heat wave so I was mostly trying to stay cool. I'm wearing the Anastasia velvet halter from Brandy Melville, some DIY high waisted shorts I got for $5 at a t-shirt factory warehouse and this amazing necklace my boyfriend bought for me at this extravagant booth at the OC Fair, believe it or not!
This blog post is featuring my honey bee, Dev, who stole & is wearing MY UNIF death meowtal tee :3 I'm not sure if it's sad or cute that my boyfriend & I share clothes and if it is sad or cute on whose end? Anyway, more blog posts to come featuring Austin Locke & his wonderful photography skills!

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