July 15, 2013

There is a Hell, believe me I've seen it. There is a Heaven, let's keep it a secret.

I finished my first week of my second year at FIDM! I haven't updated the blog much because I was enjoying being lazy on my two week summer break but I promise I'll post more as I settle into my new school/work schedule! I'm going to the LA campus this quarter and so far, I LOVE it. I wanted to start off over in Los Angeles because I feel like my style is too "out there" for the city of Huntington Beach but for convenience I went to the Irvine campus for my first year.
I went with a pretty simple outfit today because I'm still new to the campus/area and wanted to be comfortable roaming around during a long day of classes and THANK GLOB I did because my friend & I could not find where I parked my car for one entire hour! The last two pictures are some rad art we found while being lost. Overall, it was a fun mini adventure and I'm so glad I was dressed properly because I was sweatin, no molly needed (that's how the song goes, right??)
Anyway, my shoes are YRU x solestruck...they say FUCK & I'm obsessed with them. I've realized I own almost every type of shoe YRU has made but they are incredibly comfy as well as cute so, how could I not? You can purchase them here only

My backpack was an Eid present (Middle Eastern Holiday, look it up) from my mom & my dad a year ago. I was obsessed with it when the whole "stud fad" was going on and now I use it strictly to carry around food. They got it from Urban Outfitters, it's a really old style so I highly doubt they sell it anymore but the brand is Deena & Ozzy, if you care to look it up :)

I bought my pants online at Hot Topic 3 years ago after I saw Hayley Williams of Paramore wear them at my warped tour date in SD.
They don't sell these exacts ones anymore but they still have similar ones on their website!
(I've also seen some identical ones online at Urban Outfitters & Nastygal!)

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