June 25, 2013

Believe in no one, find yourself; the faceless won't save you, the clouds won't hear your fucking prayers

My shirt and shoes are half of the goods I got at the UNIF sample sale last weekend. I only picked up a few things because I woke up late due to my exhausting yet incredible back to back two day adventure at Warped Tour Pomona. Regardless, I got pretty much everything I had set out to buy (besides black hellbounds and the penny jumper) I wasn't planning on spending much this time around because I KNEW I'd be dying over their new stuff and didn't want to be too broke to buy any of it. I've been deliberating whether I wanted hellseas or not for quite sometime and when I saw they didn't have a size 7 at the sale I thought, "wasn't meant to be" but the guy at the tent handed me an 8 told me they run small and voila! They are the most perfect pair of booties, so comfortable and can literally go with every outfit without giving too much attention.
My hat is from Topshop. I got it online for around 40 bucks I believe and although, it was a tad much for a hat it was so worth it! I wear it with almost everything, I love what a bowler hat can do to an outfit.

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  1. hi! I really love your fashion sense and I take it you like Unif a lot? me too haha! bmth are great also, I saw them last month. You can follow people on here, you just copy their url and paste it into where it says add under 'reading list' on your homepage sort of thing. hope that was kind of helpful to you!

    I've also followed you now, it would be great if you could check out my blog http://chameleonnsoul.blogspot.co.uk/ x