November 13, 2014

Bad Behavior In The Best Way

Photos taken by Ron Khy

I guess you could say I'm out of my blogging hiatus...if you could even call it that. I'm starting to get in the swing of juggling a 9 to 5 job with a 2 hour commute so another gap isn't in the cards for a while. Some exciting stuff is on the way! Can't wait to share.

Anyway, I usually develop my outfits primarily starting with shoes in mind but this time I started from my top down, which was hard considering there are so many ways to style this amazing crop from TOBI. 

Hot Temper Crop from Tobi
Skirt & Socks:
American Apparel
UNIF "Hella Jelly"
-Ankh Choker from (my work) PYLO
-Sterling Silver Garnet Necklace & Gemstone Pentacle Locket from Empty Casket
-Bull Skull Southwestern Necklace from Black Tied

October 20, 2014

A Witch's Fondest Dream


So, If I were a cartoon witch and I could pick only 1 outfit to wear forever, it'd be this, no question.
Anyway, it's no surprise that I have a massive amount of jewelry, what might actually come as a surprise to most of you is that before I became a blogger I used to NEVER wear it. Now I don't leave the house without 5 necklaces, a ring or 2 for each finger, and at least 3 bracelets.
I'm really thankful for all the amazing pieces I have received so I'm wearing most, if not all, of my favorite brands (as always, I've linked them below)
BUT I would specifically like to focus on the dashing kimono and darling accessories I received from a true gypsy's wet dream of a shop, Shantique Designs, located in Australia!

Being Middle Eastern, I love the style of jewelry that stems from that overall region. Jingly belts, clunky bracelets and rings, the more noise the better. Shantique Designs carries all of that and then some. Gotta say, my newest obsession.
Yin Yang Ring, Coin Bracelet/Belt and Kimono from Shantique Designs

Septum, Choker, Crystal Ball Necklace and Tribal Ring from Fill The Soul
Amethyst, Crescent Moon and Chakra Necklaces from Empty Casket
Rainbow I.D. Bracelet and Kitty Ring from Vant Jag
Clear Quartz Ring and Black Onyx Cuff from Ohm Boho
Eyeball/Midi Rings and Cuff Bracelets from Black Tied

October 4, 2014

Breathe, Desperately



 Photos taken by Devin Perkins
Quick little practice shoot. We're still getting the hang of the camera mainly because both Dev & I are quite the busy bees lately. I picked this out because my jumper and shoes are super comfy and plenty versatile making it super easy to bring a few different accessories and transform this look from day to night. I usually change my outfit at least twice a day, but since I've been running around constantly lately, I have to be separated from my beloved closet and only carry around the bare essentials (aka thigh highs and combat boots) that being said...who else uses the trunk of their car as a spare closet??

American Apparel
UNIF "Hella Jelly"
Kat Von D "Coven" from her Studded Kiss collection

September 28, 2014

Planet Perlz

Photos taken by Ron Khy

I've been so busy with my new job with social media that the last thing I want to do is update my OWN accounts, but I promise as soon as I begin developing a flow I will start shooting weekly again. Thankfully, I have one more set from this fun day I had with Ron a while back to remind you guys not to forget about lil' old me.

Planet Perlz
This kitty top is uniquely painted and customized special for me because the owner of this shop is a total darling. SO many cool and unique shirts to choose from. I want just about every band shirt she personalizes because she makes them look 10x more bad ass. How is it possible to make Led Zeppelin more bad ass?? Not sure, but Perlz is a pro.
Marina Fini
I bought this necklace from during a sale but you can choose from a bigger selection of her rad jewelry from Tunnel Vision or her Etsy shop directly.
YRU Qozmo Sky

September 8, 2014

Back to School Blues - Missguided






Photos taken by Devin Perkins

While all of you are bummin' about the new school semester starting, I'm 2 classes away from graduating bishezzz! I couldn't be more excited to be a FIDM college graduate and the fall/winter weather, fashion and festivities to begin! I decided I would let my hippie side out to play when browsing through Missguided's website for an outfit. You should know by now I'm not afraid to play around with different looks!

Outfit provided by the lovely people at Missguided

All items are directly linked

*Bag from PYLO